Emilio Minichiello


Location: New York City


My name is Emilio Minichiello, I am a math PhD student at the CUNY Graduate Center, and my advisor is Mahmoud Zeinalian.

I also work part time at Conexus AI doing research related to categorical database theory.

My work during my PhD has been at the intersection of Differential Geometry, Homotopy Theory and Category Theory. My focus has been on studying diffeological spaces using higher stacks.

You can reach me best at eminichiello67@gmail.com.

latest posts


Apr 3, 2024 Posted new preprint to the arxiv – Presenting Profunctors, jww Gabriel Goren Roig and Joshua Meyers.
Jan 18, 2024 Posted new preprint to the arxiv – The Diffeological Cech-de Rham Obstruction
Oct 26, 2023 Gave a talk at the NYC Category Theory Seminar. Can find the video recording here.
Jun 8, 2023 Gave an talk at the Topology, Geometry and Physics Seminar about diffeological spaces and the obstruction to the Cech deRham isomorphism in diffeology.
Apr 19, 2023 Gave a talk at Queensborough Community College Math Seminar about a Mathematical Model of Package Management Systems.