Emilio Minichiello


Location: New York City


My name is Emilio Minichiello, I am a mathematician working on categorical database theory at Conexus AI.

I got my PhD in pure mathematics at the CUNY Graduate Center, studying the intersection of category theory and differential geometry. My thesis is composed of this paper and this paper, on applying homotopical and categorical methods to diffeological spaces. Mahmoud Zeinalian was my advisor.

You can reach me best at eminichiello67@gmail.com.

latest posts


Jun 26, 2024 Gave a talk “Introduction to Diffeology” at the Zulip Online Category Theory Seminar. See my talks page for slides and video.
Jun 24, 2024 Gave a talk at ACT 2024 on Proqueries and Praqueries. See my talks page for slides and video.
May 23, 2024 Gave a talk at the NYC Category Theory Seminar on Presenting Profunctors. Can find the video recording here.
May 4, 2024 The paper Presenting Profunctors has been accepted to ACT 2024!
Apr 19, 2024 Defended my PhD thesis Higher Diffeology Theory, consisting of the papers Diffeological Principal Bundles and The Diffeological Čech-de Rham Obstruction!